Boys Flying Car Escape Game

Boys Flying Car Escape

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Boys Flying Car Escape is another new point and click old place escape game made by Games 2 Jolly for another fun escapes with us here through a state of the art vehicle. Have fun!

The boys have once again did something pretty daring and menacing, for they have taken the flying car and used it on their exploits! That day however, little did they know that their father who was a very successful and famous inventor at the time, installed something they did not expect, time traveling properties! Along their cruising adventure in the skies, one of the boys was curious of what was the new setting, he clicked it and then boom! They were transported instantly to what seems like a different time on Earth, probably 1700's? The one who was driving however wasn't able to fully control the speed that the vehicle came in and that smashed some parts of it on a hill. Now they are definitely trapped in this time.

The boys only have crumbs of info about how the flying car really works, which means they can only guess what was broken and how they are going to fix it. They are literally aliens here trapped in a different time where modern technology is non-existent. Escape players, there has to be a way to get the thing running, and because their father won't be there to the rescue, you have to do it with them alone. Will you be able to find something in the immediate vicinity that can help? Good luck in the pre-industrial times then.

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