Boy Rescue From Zombies

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You have told your son not to stray too far from the area of the residence for the nearby land is really unholy, but because he was having fun where he was and became ignorant of his surroundings, he entered the area of the dark forest and now the zombies that are there were now chasing him!

That boy never listens, now you need to get him or he will become a part of this place for the zombies were now all out to get him. Escape players, this rescue will now be dangerous for you are going to go into the zombie forest yourself, that’s all to rescue your boy now. Will you be able to get that done so you and your boy can go home safely?

Boy Rescue From Zombies is another new point-and-click dark forest rescue escape game made by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Boy Rescue From Zombies

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