Boy Rescue From Train Station Game

Boy Rescue From Train Station

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A mother came to Rod that day and she was very concerned for she could no longer find her boy! As one of the security personnel working in the train station, Rod must respond to this for this happened in the area of his care. Wherever could that boy be? There isn't much places to be lost here and the greatest concern of the mother was his son riding in a different wagon and heading to a different station right-now! Rod actually did a lot of work to find the boy and he even radioed different guards in different stations but they couldn't find him as well. He might be still in the station and lucky for the mother, he still was but unfortunately not in a good state right-now.

Rod finally found the kid when he passed-by a part of the station which was currently sealed from the public for renovations. The kid was actually trapped in there and because this is a concerning situation, questions will be answered later and Rod must work here to rescue that kid. Escape players, will you help Rod here rescue a kid in a part of the station where he is trapped?

Boy Rescue From Train Station is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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