Boy Escape To Swim

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Anthony is at the house of his nephew now for he was called by his sister to come pick him up for swimming classes, he is lucky that he has free time or otherwise he is going to wait for the bus there which sometimes takes forever. But just when Anthony thought this was going to be easy, well that’s for the picking-up part and not the waiting at the pool one, it wasn’t going to be for he seems to have another task here, and that is to rescue his nephew!

Anthony that there was nobody in the house but him, so he is suppose to lock the doors on their way out. But when Anthony called for him he can only hear muffled sounds, he tried to understand what was happening and why the kid wouldn’t come. Maybe this is a prank? Oh well that’s not going to work on him, so he went to the room and when he tried the door, he couldn’t open it! And that’s when he heard again the muffled voice. Anthony is actually facing a real problem here, for his nephew seems to be trapped in his room and for him the causes are still unknown. Still though Anthony is going to get the kid out before he gets hurt or something. Escape players, Anthony needs a little help here, will you provide that to him so he can free his nephew then?

Boy Escape To Swim is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.