Boy Escape From Pit (Games 2 Rule)

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Norman have already placed some stuff in the nearby forest so to aid to its growth and lushness, he also does some landscaping in just a small patch of it and he was actually doing a pretty good job! Norman is careful in the place still though, for there are uneven terrains there and natural pitfalls which can surely get a person trapped, and if they don’t have any help then they will be stuck in there unable to escape. None of that has ever happened though for Norman was careful, but it’s only just for him though, for when he happened to pass-by a random pit there, he saw somebody down it and it was a kid!

The kid quickly wailed for help as he saw Norman, he also got startled a bit for he never expected someone to be down there, for one he thought it was an animal. Norman is going to get that kid out now and he knows it won’t be easy, for the kid is young and it’s not like an adult who would stay calm and wait, this was a kid and he might hyperventilate there. Escape players, Norman needs a little hand here so he can get the kid out of the pit quickly, will you be able to help in finding something so that the save can be carried-out?

Boy Escape From Pit is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Boy Escape From Pit (Games 2 Rule)

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