Boy Escape From Mushroom House Game

Boy Escape From Mushroom House

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The mushroom houses here are pretty trendy-looking and no outsider really knows about the place, people living there reckon that if any outsider would know about the houses there, they would swarm and turn the entire area into a tourist spot, people don't want that to happen and they would like to keep the peace there. One day however, something not-so peaceful happened for as Terry passed-by a specific house as he went to the forest to gather some firewood, he heard a cry for help!

Terry never realized to hear such a thing in all of his life living in the area, but even though everyday had been trouble-free there, first things can still happen he guessed. The one who was trapped was a boy and Terry knows him, well everybody knows everybody there, Terry just thought carefully where was his parents anyways? Of course they are not home with him for otherwise he wouldn't be yelling for help. Will Terry be able to rescue the boy from the house without destroying anything especially the door that had kept him locked in. Escape players, come and try this rescue here for fun!

Boy Escape From Mushroom House is the newest point and click house escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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