Boy Escape From Hut House Game

Boy Escape From Hut House

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The huts in the remote area here are all made of sturdy stones and for a grown man, they can escape from it easily. But that day however, somebody got trapped in one and because the person was just a kid, of course he doesn't have the required strength to break himself out! As a chief of the place, Bor was the first to know about this for he was on his daily rounds checking the area, it so happens he came to pass-by the house and heard the boy's call for help. The chief then asked what happened to him and where was his parents? They went somewhere he said which he thinks to the town but when he woke-up, he found the doors locked and it's not typical for it is always open.

The chief doesn't want to intervene with his people here, but the boy is struggling inside and he can get hurt so, he decided he'll just get him out of there and to safety. Escape players, Chief Bor here still has some strength from his younger days even though he is a bit old, but he needs help though still for maybe you have another way to get the boy out that's easiest. Join Chief Bor here then and get the boy out safely.

Boy Escape From Hut House is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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