Boy Escape From Forest Villa Game

Boy Escape From Forest Villa

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Boy Escape From Forest Villa is another new point and click escape game made by Games 2 Jolly. Good luck on the escape adventure here from an awesome villa!

Clint dozed-off after working hard at work and in his dream, he got a temporary relief. In that dream, he saw he was in a beautiful house, not a mansion but a tropical villa and he thought finally, a vacation. Clint realized somehow that the dreams was not prone to disturbance just like any dream he had before, so he ventured the house for a bit to see what he can find, it's a good thing he did for he found-out then what's really going-on here.

Clint tried the doors and weirdly, all of them were shut good? He was really confused why for not only that the place was not familiar to him, it seems to be trapping him inside not letting him out, eventually he found-out that this dream here was actually something for no matter how hard he tried to wake-up, he just couldn't. The doors not opening could have a connection with that and from that moment he realized pretty quickly, if he doesn't find the way out then he'll never wake-up! Surely there won't be any rescue here for this seems like a solo escape attempt, the question is will Clint be able to escape the house and wake-up? Escape players, go ahead and check the game here with Clint as well, have fun on the escape with us daily.

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