Boy Boat Rescue Game

Boy Boat Rescue

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You are testing out your boat driving skills with the boat you recently bought. Your favorite detective story involves boat chases. And this inspires you to also have your own boat you can take out to sea anytime you want. However, you have tiny problem. You don't really know how to drive a boat. Then again, that's what driving schools are for. So you enroll in a boat driving lesson. It costs quite a lot as you're the only student at this moment. Most people choose to buy cars and drive around the land. But you think that it's too normal. So off to the sea you go. Your teacher gives you an assignment everyday. You have to drive out to sea just a few meters away from the boat house everyday. You can't move away further until he tells you so.

You've been an obedient student for the first week until the assignments bore you. So you take your boat and push beyond your limit. Not knowing how to handle the engine, it malfunctions. Luckily, you're already in an island. Your teacher finds out about this and instantly arrives at the island. He offers help but first you must finish his tasks. Play Boy Boat Rescue outdoor escape game by Escape Games Today.

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