Boxer Escape

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Boxer Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games for more fun escapes here with us everyday. Have Fun!

Jameson is now a welcomed guest in the house of the boxer for they had been friends for years. One day, the boxer needs some help for his driver will not be able to pick him up for he was sick. The boxer is definitely lucky that he has a friend such as Jameson, for he quickly obliged of taking him to the gym to get his muscles working. Jameson came to the house of his boxer friend and he entered right then and there for he was already welcomed in the place, but as he checked the rooms for his friend however, something was going-on and eventually that got him in some trouble!

Jameson was looking for his friend around the house for he is nowhere to be found, that’s weird, what’s more weird too was when he tried the doors to check outside, he could not get himself out! Jameson thought this might be a prank, but pranks and his friend there never really mixes, that’s why he decided to escape right-now and get some quick answers afterwards. Escape players, Jameson here could have a rescue or an escape problem with him, but he must do the escape first for that’s the logical thing to do. Join in on the escape fun everyone, good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Boxer Escape

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