Boutique Beach Resort Escape Game

Boutique Beach Resort Escape

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In the resort, there are a lot of vacancies now and Raymond who was the first customer there in the place, he selected the luxurious house and it was definitely big. Finally after months of no beach fun, he got what he was asking for but that day however as he was about to go to the shore and relax there, he realized there was something going-on with the doors of his house and he really called for help for the problem was getting serious, but nobody came and eventually Raymond came to a conclusion that he is trapped now.

Was the door there busted or something? It shouldn't be for this place here is luxurious and should be well-maintained. Anything can happen anywhere though and even in such a place where Raymond had spent a lot, something like this are possible. Escape players, will you help Raymond here on this problem before he decides to destroy the door and spend a whole lot more for repairs? There has got to be another way now and hopefully it's just a simple one. Place yourself on the shoes of Raymond then, bring-out your best and find answers.

Boutique Beach Resort Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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