Boulangerie Escape Game

Boulangerie Escape

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You're new in town and you want to familiarize yourself with it. While walking around in the neighborhood, one day you discovered a nice boulangerie. The shop recently opened and has not so many customers. It still needs advertising to grow the bussiness but the whole atmosphere just impresses you so much. Madame Monica's Boulangerie is featuring the most decadent looking breads, cakes and pastries, too. It was so great that you didn't even wanted to leave.

The owner, Madame Monica herself, welcomes you and asks how she may be of service. You politely reply, asking if they have a job vacancy. The elderly clapped her hands and said that they're looking for another baker. Experience is a preference but not totally mandatory because she can train. You immediately volunteered and she hires you on the spot. As soon as training started, you realized you bit off more than you can chew because she's very, very strict. Now you totally feel like you need to escape! Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Date: June 19, 2015
    Author: Onlimi
    I've been living my whole life *wishing* I could be locked in a boulangerie, and here you want me to escape?

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