Botanic Garden Swan Escape

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This is your favorite place to relax in. It is a lush and vibrant garden with various botanic decorations. You love visiting this place because it sets your mind at ease. You can breathe fresh air and forget about your worries. Sometimes, you even relax a little too much and doze off. This has become a habit of yours whenever you are stressed out at work. You love the feeling of lying on the grass and looking at the clear blue sky. In this garden, you even managed to make a little friend.

The garden has a swan that lives in the lake. You witnessed its growth since it was a baby. When visiting the garden has become a habit, you make sure to bring some food for the swan. Whenever you visit, the first thing you do is feed the swan and relax by the lakeside.

However, on one of your visits, you cannot find the swan. You ask the maintenance man around and he says someone trapped it. He tried letting it free but is unable to do so. He tells you that you must point and click the objects around in order to solve the puzzles. This will help the swan escape.

Botanic Garden Swan Escape is a point and click escape game created by Games 2 Rule. Use your abilities to solve the puzzles and succeed it letting the swan free. Good luck!