Boss Foxy Escape

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Boss Foxy have been tasked by the higher-ups to go to this specific land in the wilderness where a house stands and take it for the owner of it have not paid what he owes them for months, and now that is where boss Foxy is heading to collect if she can. Now boss Foxy is also a powerful official, but there is a higher boss than her and if he gets angry then all hell will break loose, a thing that nobody wants for he can be destructive. As Foxy arrives in the area, a thing happened and it’s definitely not good.

Boss Foxy found nobody in the place there and she thought these residents might have left in fear! To top that off which will make the higher boss even angry was that there was a cage there and boss Foxy is now trapped in it! What was that all about? Some sort of revenge? This seems like an act of war to the higher boss! Okay then, this can be solved and Foxy wants to end it here before the big man finds-out about this. But Foxy needs to escape from that cage first so escape players, want to help her here then so she can proceed to the next step of this issue?

Boss Foxy Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Boss Foxy Escape

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