Boiler House Escape Game

Boiler House Escape

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Join in the adventure here escape players, explore the boiler house and find 45 energy spheres to activate some portal and escape! Boiler House Escape is a point and click complex escape game created by Ainars.

Once again you have journeyed into another seemingly abandoned place which only a few would have courage to proceed thanks to how dangerous it was, but it's an adventure and also there is a hidden purpose for it which no one else would understand. Some parts of the boiler room was still operational and that is to power the entire building's hot water and some other structures near it as well, it's absolutely a heavily working facility but that day, you have a different reason for coming to the place, there are energy spheres there which nobody else can detect and retrieve but you.

The energy spheres are floating balls of force which were close to indestructible and it could potentially be dangerous if it comes in-contact with something that's sensitive to electrical and other forces, thus the boiler room is quite a dangerous place to be with those spheres, and there are even at least 45 in there too! Escape players, care to join the retrieval adventure here and retrieve all of the energy spheres here at the boiler room as quickly as possible? Stay calm and be quick then, for one can really cause this place to become unstable.

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