Boho Girl Escape Game

Boho Girl Escape

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It's a holiday and it so happens that there is a festival going-on near the area where boho looks are appreciated! This is Edward's chance to bring the girl he likes to that festival and maybe get to know her better there, it's perfect too for the girl loves boho festivals and she looks good in one too. And so Edward invited her and it so happens that she has no plans that day and she accepted. This is going well for Edward, but when he arrived at the girl's house however, he was going to be tested and if he passes then that's added points for him from the girl, fail and it might endanger the girl.

At first Edward called and all he can hear was muffled replies, so he went further and discovered that the door was open. Edward heard a little better what the girl was saying and in all actuality, she is trapped in her room and is in-need of help! Of course Edward sprung into action then to help the girl, but he doesn't know what to do now and where to begin. Will he destroy the door and set her free? Or there could be another way here that's not too destructive. Escape players, pick the ones that are less damaging, will you have one way from such? Place yourself on the shoes of Edward then and try your skills for the rescue.

Boho Girl Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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