Bobcat Escape

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Nieves’ daily chores in her home have just increased, that’s because she is now taking care of this wild animal which she had rescued from the wilderness when she went out hunting. Nieves found in her scopes a bobcat which looked dead, at first she didn’t thought of that for there was a young one near it. But as time passes however, she began to think it doesn’t seem so until eventually she went to check it out. The mother bobcat is dead and the little one is alone and defensive. She tried her best to take it and without so much incident, she managed to and brought it to her house. That’s how she got her hands full now, for not only the animal was mischievous and a powerhouse, it has special needs for it is not too weaned yet.

That day, Nieves planned to get it out of the house for a bit, for it had been weeks now since she had rescued the animal, she thought she can trust it now and it will return. Well that day it didn’t though for when she checked it, it was missing and she tried to look for it immediately. Eventually Nieves found the young cat and it is trapped in her sturdy tent! Oh no she didn’t! For those claws are sharp and it will definitely shred her tent just to get out. It’s bad enough that the lock of the tent is busted so she is going to need a little time to get the cat out. Escape players, you will now be playing as Nieves here, will you be able to get the animal out before it hurts itself or destroy the tent?

Bobcat Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Bobcat Escape


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