Boat House Escape Game

Boat House Escape

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In your effort to run away from your chasers, you entered a boat house. This boat was just peacefully swaying. But then your heavy footsteps came. You couldn't jump into the water as you were already out of breath from running. You also couldn't move further away as you needed to be back to your target. The easiest way to avoid your chasers was to hide for a while. You wanted them to think that you got away so you could carry out your plan. With your modern gadgets, you made sure that they were no longer around before leaving the boat. It took you a while to get everything ready as the boat's gentle sway made you a bit dizzy. You sat down and scanned the area. There were some of them still patrolling the buildings near you. You couldn't risk being caught.

After a few more minutes, the group left and you prepared to get out of the boat. However, as you were trying to do so, the door just wouldn't move. You thought something jammed it. But a closer look at the space made you realize who the owner was. Your colleague owned this and he set up some pretty clever ways to keep the intruders busy until he catches them. Play Boat House Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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