Blue Wren Bird Escape Game

Blue Wren Bird Escape

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The Australian wilderness can be very inhospitable to the inexperienced, but it is also a place where the few tough can live quite well. One of those few was Colt and he lives quite peacefully in a small house in that wilderness. He lives with everything he can find or catch in his immediate area, and because he had already lived for some time there, his area is riddled with animal traps and each one he knows where it is and how it will work, he even has some up in the trees! One day, Colt was listening to the wilderness again and to his traps, he is so in-tuned with the place that he can hear everything. And he heard it, one of his traps were triggered!

Colt checked that trap which was above his head and he saw the strangest thing he had ever seen in his life since he lived there. Inside the trap were three blue wrens and he'll definitely believe if there is one, but three! How? Is this some sort of sign from the place that he had done something? Or it could just be a coincidence? Which is a highly impossible thing for his trap closes quick enough that it wouldn't catch three birds at once. Blue wrens are not really rare especially in the area where he lives, but he has a strong feeling that he needs to free these birds, trusting one's instincts is important in the wilderness, so Colt is going to go for that. Escape players, that cage above Colt's house is not going to be easy to open, so will you help him with this so he can then free the three wrens that are trapped in it?

Blue Wren Bird Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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