Blue Rooms Escape

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There is an entire area in the town there that is quite trendy, for the houses there has different colors and most will have a motif of a single color throughout the entire house! There was this one that has an overall color of blue and even its interior, the place looks cute for it is like a kid’s house or something. That day, Kim was even looking around in one of them for she is a visitor in the area and in her bucket-list is to check these colorful houses, overall she loves them, but there was this one however which became quite interesting to her.

Kim was in the blue house and she really thought every single thing is blue there, but not all, maybe just the walls and the floor. Things were good and all as she checks the place, but that interesting thing happened and now she can’t escape the house! Kim could not open the doors in the place and it’s weird for she has nobody with her that can play a prank on her, in fact there is nobody around really! Okay, there could be some pranksters here, Kim needs to be alert then for another prank might pop up. Will you help Kim here escape by finding items around the rooms which can open the now mysteriously locked door?

Blue Rooms Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.