Blue House Escape Game

Blue House Escape

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Blue is your favorite color. Even though this is the hottest portion of the flame, it's still cool to your vision. Without a doubt, this house really belongs to you because of its color. This is the perfect house for you so you aim to buy it. Besides, you see nothing wrong with this house so you didn't think twice to purchase it. You quickly cashed out when you saw the color. But now that the seller left the vicinity, you started to notice the flaws of this house. You noticed that the doors are not properly working. In fact, it's very hard to open. Another thing, the seller forgot to give you the key. The problem is, the seller already went away.

Therefore, you have to find another way to escape from this house. Good thing that this house is fully furnished so there are lots of objects that you can use to unlock the door. Not only that, there are also clues around this house which can help you to solve this puzzle. With the use of your logic, you can find your way out to this blue house quickly. Blue House Escape is the newest room escape game by Online Gamez World. Enjoy!

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