Blue Diamond Escape Game

Blue Diamond Escape

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Your father greatly loved inventions. He wasn't very good at it so it never came easy for him. However, he was so diligent. He was willing to spend so many hours which turned into years into perfecting something. You and your mom was never out of the picture. Your mom supported him by making sure he had what he needed. You on the other hand was always his favorite assistant. He would ask you to bring some tools out from his toolbox which at that time was as big as you. You slowly learned the different parts of his inventions. He was hoping you could improve them one day. One of the greatest inventions of your father was still incomplete. It needed a blue diamond for it to work. You asked him why it wouldn't work with just any other diamonds. But you didn't hear the answer from him.

He and your mom went away after a gang wanted to own his inventions for free. He left his unfinished one with you. You spent many years trying to figure out the importance of the diamond. And then you found it. The blue diamond reflected light differently and only this kind of reflection could make the machine work. Play Blue Diamond Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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