Blossom Rose Garden Escape

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The blossoming of the rose garden have now gotten very pronounced! The glistening sun had really made the place bloom, that of course changed the pathways a bit for the foliage have thicken as well. Because the place is a park, Mike needs to prepare the place for he thinks there will be more visitors coming now that everything just bloomed there beautifully, and off he goes to do his job. Mike was finished with the general stuff and he is now in an area which had changed significantly because of the growing foliage. How quick is that growth right there? But he never realized that alone is going to get him in some trouble there.

Mike got lost in the foliage and it seems that he is not able to find the path back! That sounds very ridiculous for him but it’s happening right in his face. Escape players, Mike needs a hand here to get himself back for he knows this park is huge and he might get lost even more if he just runs randomly. Find signs and the right path then everyone, carefully navigate the rose-lined wonderland.

Blossom Rose Garden Escape is another new point and click foliage escape game made by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Blossom Rose Garden Escape


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