Blatant Dainty Lynx Escape

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People in the town must now be delicate with the forest which they live in close proximity to for the place have finally shown its true power and it was definitely scary. The forest near this town is now classified as a magical place and as its guardian, that takes in the form of a lynx which has some strange capabilities. Okay, the people in the town can just adjust to the life there now or just move if they can’t take it. For Edmond though who lives there too is fine with this, it’s okay even for it teaches people to respect the wilderness for they all know some of them gets life from there. But that day though Edmond was a bit confused on why he was being tested by the forest, for as he roamed around the town he saw a lynx inside a cage there and of course it is not just an ordinary lynx.

Edmond knows it is the guardian of the forest and he thought why him? Why was he being tested? Knowing that he’ll surely free the animal, it is no question at all. But guess the question is not whether he’ll free the creature or just leave it alone, it was actually a question of his skills if he is able to free the creature there for well, the cage is actually hard to open! Okay then, skills and logic it is! Come escape players and play as Edmond here as he tries to free the creature. Get your skills and logic tested here by freeing the lynx which was the guardian of the forest.

Blatant Dainty Lynx Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Blatant Dainty Lynx Escape

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