Blameless Owl Escape

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Howard’s owls are his only eyes when observing that scary citadel in the forest, for the place really brings-out darkness to the nearby villages and towns  that’s why it needs to be observed ever so often. For years Howard had been looking for a weakness of the place but still, he couldn’t get a good and solid info about that, it’s important that he does for that might be the spark to finally bring that place down so peace can be restored. Howard couldn’t get near the place either, for if he is caught there meddling around the area, he would surely never get back out of there. That’s why he had trained owls to do the snooping around and for years, it seems to have worked, he can’t just get the owls to talk though to make things easier for that is impossible, but they can relay some information to him through action. Little did Howard know though that night, he will be going near the place for the first time in a long one, well that’s because he will be rescuing one of his owls there!

Howard knew something was wrong when one of his owls was not able to return from another task of snooping, it’s his favorite owl too and that one never really misses and disappoints. He needs to get that owl back for it was the only one who can bring order amongst his fellow owls and him, but now he knew that this owl is trapped in that citadel and who knows if it’s still okay. Escape players, Howard is going to do something very dangerous here just to rescue his owl, will you help him then so that both of them can escape safely?

Blameless Owl Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Palani Games.