Blackberry House Escape Game

Blackberry House Escape

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Your wife is pregnant and is craving for some Blackberry jam. She requested this because that's what the baby wants. You start searching for the jam in every shop but it's there are none at the moment. Then it just came to your mind that the three bears' house must be full of the stuff. They love blackberry so they must have some at home. You know how to make the jam but the primary ingredient, blackberries, is almost out of season.

The bears are hoarding the berries to themselves which is why the forest is out of them. It will be very dangerous if you get caught though, but you'd give up everything for your wife and child. You cautiously waited till they left the house. Wow, it's not that big as you thought. No time to waste! collect blackberries for the jam and leave before they get back. Good luck!

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