Black Stylish Room Escape Game

Black Stylish Room Escape

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Black Stylish Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun escapes with us daily. Enjoy!

Vivian was scanning for a perfect room in the city for she had just moved and the first option of hers was unfortunately bad, that forced her to get to the next one and this time, it sits in the middle of nope and okay. Vivian is in this room which had a main color of black, it's like a Goth's room minus the posters and stuff, it's just like a decent room only in black. Okay, guess this is going to have to do now and as she went-out of the room to pay, she realized that the door seems to be acting-up!

Vivian continued to tinker with the door and no matter how hard she did, the thing won't open and it's worst too for she called for someone to rescue her there, well nobody came. It's like she is being deliberately trapped in here. So much for moving from her peaceful and quiet town, but she needs to move up though and if this is a small challenge, then what's big? Escape players, come and join Vivian here as she finds her way out of the place and of course, safely too. Good luck on this one everyone!

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