Black Scorpion Forest Escape Game

Black Scorpion Forest Escape

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Black Scorpion Forest Escape is a brand new point and click creepy-crawly wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule, have fun with us daily and best of luck!

Stoic was going on an adventure to the forest for he had finished all that he needs to do in his home as asked by his mother, it was going to be fun he thought to himself, for he had never been to the forest he was aiming for. He had heard people who went to the place that the wilderness there is lush and green, filled with animals as well as other stuff, sounds pretty good but there's just this one thing that makes the forest there special however.

Stoic was on the trail going deeper into the forest when he noticed that there are forest scorpions there. He thought why, for the place is kind of off from the dampness forest scorpions would prefer and he thought, those are really native in jungles. As one normal-sized approached however, he found another one and the rest of it got him pretty startled. There were other gigantic scorpions there the size of wheel-carts! That Shook Stoic a bit and as a result, that also got him lost in the forest filled with those giant things. Escape players, Stoic needs to leave from the area for he knows forest scorpions aren't that deadly, but what about those big ones there? Try the forest escape adventure here then with Stoic and dodge the giant scorpions. Enjoy everybody!

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