Black Panther Rescue Game

Black Panther Rescue

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You were once a detective in your neighborhood. The police would sometimes ask you to gather information for them. It was kind of weird to still retrieve the information needed regardless of your popularity as a detective. However, you knew it might be your disguises. You didn't just make up a character in a flash. Most of the time, it would take you months before you could go out as your character. You would first build a story for that person. Then have someone posed as an acquaintance of that person. Your friends were always ready to lend a hand and they tried their best to keep up with your act. Then again, there were times when you didn't let the police know about your investigations. There were just certain situations where you wanted to take matters into your own hands first.

And this included the case of the black panther. You once had a mission that almost went horribly wrong. The criminals captured you and they released something black to attack you. However, you survived the ordeal but you didn't know what happened to the panther until you saw it in a cage in a wooden house. Play Black Panther Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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