Black Forest Escape

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The worst thing in the land that a person can do for fun is to visit the area in the forest which was called the dark area and by doing so in the dead of night! Nobody would ever do that for they know the place’s atrocious capabilities. But one night however, somebody actually did but not for fun though, but for revenge. Adam went in the place to avenge his brother who came out of the place before but not himself anymore and passed a month later. It’s sad but Adam’s grief have turned into revenge and he blames the place for it. He swears he’ll get whatever finished his brother and that’s even though he doesn’t know what he is really up against there. Well he’ll come to know what just slightly though by initially letting him feel something there.

That something happened when he got lost in the place! Adam could not find his way and it’s a good thing he was warned before that if something like this happens, he needs to back-out so he can still live another day and exact his revenge. It’s a good thing his senses were intact for he took that advice, but the problem now was how is he going to escape out of there then? That’s where you come in escape players, will you be able to help Adam here before the dark land gets any other ideas?

Black Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Games 2 Live.