Black Bear Escape Game

Black Bear Escape

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Thank you for checking the game here escape players, have fun on the rescue! Black Bear Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Avm Games for more dose of fun with us everyday.

The village where Nelson lives is filled with women and children, that's why every man in the place protects everything there for the nearby forest houses huge predators like bears, wolves, and mountain lions, but because the village emits a lot of noise and fire every night, those dangerous animals tends to stay away. But one day however, something happened which was definitely an intimidating thing. The people had just captured a huge bear who happened to stray into the village ravaging trash and food silos! This is not good, for the animals are getting courageous in their hunt for food, the people wanted to put an end to the out of place bear, but for Nelson however that was not a very reasonable move at all.

Nelson decided to save the bear and with the hopes it had gotten scared enough not to return, he must also make that rescue attempt without anyone knowing or he'll definitely get branded in the village which he calls home. Escape players, care to try this animal rescue attempt with Nelson and see if you can get the bear out safely and for you as well? Good luck then and stay alert.

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