Black And White Hungry Boy Escape Game

Black And White Hungry Boy Escape

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You really like colors in almost everything. You are fond of making artworks and they should always have lots of vibrant and fun colors in them. It's not like you haven't done anything in black and white. It's just that you want your artworks to bring smiles and hope to those who see it and using colors can have those effects. You always have your pastels and watercolors ready for when you have an inspiration to work on. However, one day, they all mysteriously disappeared. You have no idea who could have taken them away as you are all alone in your house. You decided to live alone when your passion was just too strong but you didn’t have the courage to pursue it in front of your parents. Moving out of their house gave you the freedom to freely express yourself.

You look all around your house hoping to find it hidden somewhere. But as time passes you slowly lose hope in finding them. You start to get ready to buy new ones when you heard some voices coming from your old sketchbook. You take a peek and fall into the black and white world. Play Black and White Hungry Boy Escape room escape game by Games2Jolly.

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