Black And White Escape Classroom Game

Black And White Escape Classroom

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Luke remembered sitting on his chair watching TV and in the middle of it, he fell asleep. That's the last thing he remembered but now he doesn't know if he is dreaming or not, for he found himself in a room which was not his and it looks like a detective's office or a classroom or something. This is most definitely a dream, but Luke feels that this is too real, what's making it not real is the fact that everything is black and white, it looks like a scene from the 1940's. Luke tried to figure-out what's going on and he even called for help, but nobody else seems to be there but him. He also discovered another problem there and it's one that really made him take this seriously.

Luke realized that he could not get himself out of the room for all the doors were locked! Now this is really something. Did somebody brought him here to be experimented on or something? Or more ridiculously, did he just traveled back in time and now he is in this place? Questions kept popping in Luke's mind but he knows none of them won't be answered until he makes progress, like getting out from there. Escape players, want to help Luke here escape so he can see what is really going-on?

Black And White Escape Classroom is the newest point and click room escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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