Black And White Condominium House Escape Game

Black And White Condominium House Escape

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Manuel's condominium has no color at all, well except for a few objects. He doesn't really prefer too much color for it makes his head hurt, it's kind of a weird condition that he has and that's why he left his room with only the color of black and white which was preferable to his eyes. Manuel have been living in the condo for 2 years already, and it saved him a lot of headache days for there wasn't too much color in his place, but even though his problem had been solved, it doesn't mean he is free from any troubles and one exactly made itself known which was now a huge inconvenience to him.

Manuel was planning to leave his place at first, but when he tried his doors however, it won't open at all! It was really confusing, why would his door get jammed like that when he knows it doesn't? Did somebody barred it from the outside? If so then Manuel might have a less chance of being rescued here, that's why he decided to solve this problem by himself and of course you can join in escape players! Will your skills and logic be enough on this escape?

Black And White Condominium House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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