Black And White Apartment Escape Game

Black And White Apartment Escape

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Arthur can see the beauty and the luxury of the house he is in has, but he actually doesn't know where he is and he just woke-up into the place! Arthur doesn't know how he got there and he can't remember what happened prior, there was nobody in the place and he can't just wait for any help to come because this was very confusing to him now.

At the moment, Arthur is already trying his best to get himself out of the place, but he just can't somehow, for all the doors is locked and his confusion is getting him out of focus. Escape players, slowly Arthur begins to puzzle and find-out that he is in some apartment somewhere in the city, well at least he is still in the city where he lives and not in some far-away unfamiliar land, now he just needs to escape from the place. Will you help Arthur here everyone and see if you can get him out of the place before the owner arrives and what sinister things he or she will do then? Place yourself on his shoes then and try your best to escape using everything that you can find in the rooms.

Black And White Apartment Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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