Black And White Abode Room Escape Game

Black And White Abode Room Escape

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Start-up your skills and logic here on escape for this one can be very difficult. Black And White Abode Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 2 Jolly for your enjoyment daily!

Escape players, if you are relying on color to find clues and vital puzzle-pieces, then this one is going to be a challenge here. You have entered the black and white house which was a weird place according to your friends and at first their story was unbelievable, for the room traps people inside but not physically however, but mentally. If one ever falls asleep in the place, their mind becomes trapped in the house and they unfortunately cannot wake-up. There is only one way to break that however, and that is for them to find his or her way out of the place and only then he or she will wake-up, if they can't then there will be no waking.

That unfortunately happened to you and really, you could not believe it was actually real! Well now you are in the situation, your body cannot wake-up unless if you escape out of the house through the door cleanly. Escape players, finding clues will be quite hard here for it will definitely be hidden among the black and white stuff there, keep going still and be quick about this escape.

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