Bitter Gourd Escape

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The village where Eustace lives is a very strange place indeed, there are weird things occurring in there from time to time and mostly in the forest where nobody really goes. Eustace owns a small farm lot and he plants everything there that he can think of to supply his needs, he admits daily stuff aren’t really easy to come-by but that’s his strife, city-folks have their strives too so that seems fair. One day, Eustace witnessed something very different in his farm, for one of the bitter gourds he was taking-care of started to talk! It was a really preposterous thing and Eustace didn’t want to get involved in it for he knows this is the work of the forest yet again. Guess he didn’t really want to get involved until, the bitter gourd one day just disappeared!

Eustace thought to himself then, finally that mysterious gourd finally moved-away, but he saw tracks near it though and those were human tracks! Somebody must have taken that gourd and he bets it is one of those mischievous kids again. Eustace really didn’t want to get involved here, but something seems to be pulling him though and try to rescue that gourd! Eventually he broke and just decided to find it wherever it is now. Escape players, Eustace doesn’t know where to start finding that gourd now, will you be able to help him by spotting clues and signs so he can begin?

Bitter Gourd Escape is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game released by Games 4 King.