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It's your first time to go to North Dakota and your first destination is Bismarck. This place is so beautiful. Too bad, you only have a little time to explore the city. You want to explore more about Dakota so you have to carry on. There are still many cities that you want to see. The problem is, you don't know which way to go. Your map was unreadable because your coffee spilled on it awhile ago. The map that you have right now is basically useless. Good thing that the citizens of Bismarck are very accommodating. They are willing to help you but first, you have to help them. They have errands on their own and you have to help them before they give clues.

You don't see a problem with that but you have to be quick because you only have a limited time to go around the state. So, you have to talk to everybody as fast as you can so you can escape from Bismarck quickly. This state as a lot to offer and you can't miss any of those. Play this brand new room escape game from Selfdefiant for Hooda Math and escape from Bismarck. Good luck!

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