Bird Rescue

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The land where Karl lives is always green and provides good, amongst all the things he captured though he has some that he takes good care of and one of them is this red bird which was really beautiful in his eyes. In fact, he had raised this animal when it was still a chick and he didn’t know what kind of bird it was, he just found it one day in a nest beside its dead parent on a short tree near his house. Karl thought that the bird had been bitten by a venomous animal or something, or it could be natural, but the rest was history though when he decided to rescue the chick that remained. But that day, he didn’t expect to rescue his bird again and this time, it is his doing that got it in a bind.

Karl installs bird traps in the trees in the hopes to capture common birds which are edible if his ground traps yield empty, but that day the trap captured his red bird and now the incident really gave him a lesson not to install bird traps now, maybe he’ll do that but first he needs to rescue that bird of his right-now. Escape players, you will now be Karl here, will you be able to rescue his bird from his trap and quickly?

Bird Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Live.