Bio Forest Escape Game

Bio Forest Escape

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You were walking inside the Bio Forest but your mind couldn't help but wonder where it got its name. You knew very well that bio means life. And it was pretty obvious that the forest was teeming with life. No one could deny. There were even some bugs who were able to get under your clothes. You needed to brush them off often or they might bite you when you accidentally squish them. You continue walking with this thought in mind when you stumbled upon a metal. It was still shining so you thought it must be new. But a closer inspection showed you that it had been there for the last ten years. You counted how many rains and sunshine that would have been. Yet the metal remained shiny. So you dug the parts around it hoping to discover more about the thing you discovered.

You were hoping to see more metal. But instead, you saw a human flesh- like material covering the rest of the metal. You almost ran away when you remembered the theory your professor was talking about. It was the possibility of bio liquid injection to artificial intelligence machines. The discovery jumbled your mind and you just couldn't seem to find the exit of the forest. Play Bio Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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