Billy Witch House Escape Game

Billy Witch House Escape
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It is that time of the year again where people dress up in various costumes. Scary decorations hang on the neighbors' house and kids walk across the streets hauling candies.

It is all fun and games until someone has to go and ruin the fun for everybody. There is an infamous middle-aged lady in the neighborhood who sometimes takes things a little too far. She likes her decorations of an evil witch house.

Poor little Billy was only trying to get his share of candy when she happened upon the house of the infamous lady. Unfortunately for him, the evil lady tricked him into her house and then promised him all the candy he can carry. Afterwards, she trapped poor little Billy in her house.

Billy Witch House Escape is fun and thrilling point and click escape game released by Genie Fun Games. It is now up to you to save poor little Billy.

You must point and click through the various objects found inside the house of the witch to look for clues. Use these clues to help little Billy escape, and hopefully with still his candies in tow.

Will you be able to save Billy or will you also find yourself trapped in the house of the witch? Good luck!

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