Billy Farmhouse Escape Game

Billy Farmhouse Escape

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Everybody knows Old Mac Donald but no one knows Billy. Billy also has a farm like Old Mac Donald. However, Billy is a quiet and shy type of guy. He is a humble man and he tends to work on his farm alone. You know for sure how hard it is to run a farm. So, you go to his farm every morning to help him with his errands. You went to his farm today to help him feed the horses but looks like you have to do something else. Billy is in trouble. He can't go out of his farm house. He needs to get out of there so he can take out the hay for the horses. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the key that can open the farm house. On the good note, you are here to help him out.

There are lots of items all over the place that you can use for the escape plan. Aside from that, there are also clues that can help you to solve this puzzle in no time. There are still lots of works to do in the farm so you have to solve this quickly. Billy Farmhouse Escape is an outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games. Have fun!

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