Bike Robbery

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Marlon was confused who would be stealing a classic bike from the area’s protectors and because the place isn’t really geologically strategic for stealing, that person might not be the smartest. Still the villagers volunteered in catching that thief and getting back the stolen bike for it is at least they can do for helping them out all the time and in any circumstance. One of those volunteers was a young lad, even though he is about to go and do something dangerous here, he was advised not to engage and just report. They couldn’t do anything to stop him so after a ton of attempts of discouraging him, they just let him be. That boy was Marlon.

Marlon went to the woods for he is seeing a very faint track there which for him looked like a person guiding a bike. This is quite significant now for Marlon seems to be on the trail of the Easter egg, but he needs to be careful for he might confront the thief and he’ll be in serious trouble then. Escape players, Marlon is moving along the trail expecting to find that bike, will you help him on this and act upon what you’ll see at the end of the trail?

Bike Robbery is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.