Bighorn Sheep Escape

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There is an abundant number of sheep in the farm but there is a special sheep among the herd. Most of them look alike except for the bighorn sheep. This is the one that you value the most because it is different. You are the only one who owns a sheep like this. So now that he is not in the flock, you quickly notice it. You panicked when you realized that the bighorn sheep is missing. So, you went around the farm to find the missing sheep. Thankfully, you saw the sheep in no time. However, things are still not going well. The bighorn sheep is in a cage. You have to do something about it. Since you don’t have the key that can open the door, you have to look for items that you can use to unlock it.

The good news is, there are lots of objects in the farm. All you have to do is to walk around to collect those things. In addition to that, there are also clues that can help you to solve this puzzle quickly. Bighorn Sheep Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game made by Big Escape Games. Best of luck!