Big Mount Fort Escape Game

Big Mount Fort Escape

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Big Mount Fort Escape is the newest point and click old complex escape game from Mirchigames for more fun adventures here in high-altitude. Have fun!

In the mountains, there is a complex of tunnels which who knows where it goes, it could even lead to a grand castle which had been hiding under the noses of adventurers. That day however as Archie was going on his annual adventures in an area not familiar to him, he chose a path which was in-front of him but not on the map, that could lead to somewhere interesting, so he did followed it and the end of was actually a find which he never thought was significant.

Archie found a simple but a huge wooden door and it looked solid, it was definitely and also it was locked. What might be behind that thing there? Gold? Riches? What about an important historical find? All of these are floating around Archie's mind to the point he finally decided to check the place out but first, he has to find anything that can open those doors and also, using his skills and logic as well for a successful one. Escape players, join Archie here as he tries his best to pry-open those doors which might have been locked for hundreds of years. Good luck then and enjoy the adventure.


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