Big Fort Snake Temple Game

Big Fort Snake Temple

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Try your skills and logic here on this ancient temple escape adventure! Big Fort Snake Temple is the newest point and click ancient place escape game created by Mirchigames. Best of luck!

One cannot imagine what horrors of the snake temple has, people have been to the place but they never really pushed further because of how intimidating it was and the traps are relentless. That temple might be hiding something very important that it doesn't want out. But adventurers, treasure hunters, and even researchers are a persistent bunch though, and as a person who is all three, Diego made his way there and now he faces the initial challenges of the said temple.

Escape players, the snake temple is indeed a scary place to enter, the tunnels looks narrow and if there are traps in there then any maneuver to dodge them can be hard. Diego is surely going to enter for the adventure there still, but would you decide to join in as well and get the challenge through successfully? Go ahead then and for this adventure, you must stay alert for the place had already taken a lot of humans to its depths never to be seen again. Have fun with us daily!

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