Big Fort Escape 9 Game

Big Fort Escape 9

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In the previous escape adventure, we joined Ruby who was stuck inside a morphing fort and it was magical to her, was she able to escape? Check the previous from this one then escape players, for this time we will be having a new adventure with an explorer who was Carlisle. There was this really old fort which only a few people can enter and it's not because the locks there are unique and only a few who has the keys may proceed, but there seems to be a force that is not allowing anyone to enter further and it is that who will decide if he or she is permitted to make entrance to the place. Carlisle is going to try his luck for this kinds of things are the type he wants to get involved with.

The first thing to do is to find anything that can open the first door and if one is able to, he or she may proceed and then their fate will be decided. Carlisle is not confident about this, but mostly according to stories that anyone is worthy if they are able to open the door, that can be a gauge for him. Escape players, opening the door might be difficult, will you help Carlisle with this so we can find-out what's really beyond the fort's door?

Big Fort Escape 9 is the newest point and click fort escape game from Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first as the start of the series.

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