Big Fort Escape 8 Game

Big Fort Escape 8

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In the previous challenge, Eric and John seems to be having a real problem with the old fort still which they went into, hopefully they got out from it safely. For this adventure however, we join Ruby who was a pretty rough adventurer even though she was a woman. Well not all women are equal, and this one is really on the edge when it comes to adventures. That day, she was having a real adventure at an ancient fort for most of her companions are quite concerned of entering the place, so they just stayed outside while Ruby ventures and discovers the place. First few meters was good and pretty slow actually, but it all changed when the halls moved!

The fort morphed and it was surreal, the doors and walls just hid and a new path was created! Now who in the world created this place? Seems to be a superhuman achievement. Well Ruby was the kind that doesn't stop just there, she needs to go and find her way out to regroup, for even though she always do death-defying stunts herself, she still wants to see more adventures through in the future, that's why she needs to escape.

Come and join this escape everyone from an ancient place. Big Fort Escape 8 is a brand new point and click complex escape game from Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first as the start of the series.

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