Big Fort Escape 11 Game

Big Fort Escape 11

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Carlisle was able to make progress where he was trapped in the ancient fort which he entered but still he is not out of that woods yet, for there seems to be more doors in-front of him which are currently blocking his way! Carlisle needs to keep going for nothing is going to happen if he doesn't do something obviously, but of course it won't be easy for the place might have more traps which can definitely end people. Will Carlisle finally be able to escape and with his life? For he definitely wants to return someday with help of course so he can continue to discover what the fort is really for.

Escape players, come and join Carlisle here who is trying his best to escape the fort which has a lot of challenges that are mostly hard to solve. Use the best of your skills and logic for those are definitely needed for such. Stay alert even more for the traps could be well hidden inside the walls.

Big Fort Escape 11 is another new point and click ancient place escape game made by Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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