Benign Bunny Escape Game

Benign Bunny Escape

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Marty is very uneasy that day, for the hunter in the village managed to capture the wild bunny which gives him joy and somehow, it was tamed to him. It was weird but he likes the fact that such a skittish animal would come-up and be curious to a human. But right-now Marty is not cool, for not only a hunter had captured the rabbit, but it was the hunter who was unreasonable and unapproachable. What's he going to do now? He just wished he should have taken care of that bunny long ago and this wouldn't have happen, and now his bunny risks getting killed for meat and fur.

Marty still has a chance though in rescuing the bunny for it is still alive and uninjured, but the animal is being held inside a cage and he is planning now to get the creature out of there. Weirdly though as he saw the bunny, he saw it was in some clothing, that's weird indeed. But rescuing the bunny is important here and he'll figure-out what's it wearing right-after this. Escape players, will you help Marty here so that the animal can return to the wilds or better yet, be safe in his home?

Benign Bunny Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.


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